Installing Eclipse SQL Explorer Plug-in in Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)

This is an updated post for my earlier post Installing Eclipse SQL Explorer Plug-in for installing Eclipse SQL Explorer plug-in in Eclipse 3.4

Eclipse version 3.4
Eclipse SQL Explorer version 3.5.0

Installing using the Eclipse update manager.

  • From the Eclipse menu select Help->Software Updates…

  • Software Updates and Add-ons dialogue box will be displayed. Select the Available Software tab on the top of the dialogue box. Now Click on the Add Site button on the right hand side of the dialogue box.


  • It will search and present you with available software

  • Select the features you want to install . In this case select the branch, it will also install the patch and click on the Install button on the top right hand side.
  • It will check for dependencies if any and will present to you what all you need to install.

  • Confirm the plug-ins you want to install and click next

  • Accept the license agreement and click on Finish.

After the installation is done it will ask to restart the workbench, restart the workbench. To open the Eclipse SQL Explorer perspective from the menu select Window->Open Perspective->Other. From the list of perspectives select Sql Explorer and click on ok, you will be switched to SQl Explorer Perspective.

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Author: Phani Kumar

Developer, selftaught photographer, and a gadget lover, loves learning new things.

15 thoughts on “Installing Eclipse SQL Explorer Plug-in in Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)”

  1. Thanks for tutorial.. This really helped me to install this. I am new to java and eclipse and was struggling the whole day to configure this..
    Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks Ricardo,

    It took a while to understand whats your comment is but when google translations are there I think we don’t need to worry about.

    Translation: Portuguese (automatically detected) » English

    Muito bom seu tutorial. Solucionou um grande problema que estava tendo.

    Its very good tutorial.
    Solve a problem I was having.


  3. hey

    I was not able to insatll as mentioned here.

    and the s/w update does not shows anything to install

    as well i do not see sqlexplorer perspective

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